Hand chained to a smart phoneOne of the highlights of attending the recent #Shankminds mastermind event in NYC, was getting to see Dr. Ned Hallowell talk about being a “brain mechanic” who works with entrepreneurs who have ADHD. That and to connect with other entrepreneurs in the real world. Dr. Hallowell is as funny as he is informative and got a big laugh when he told the story of jumping out of a window to escape a boring lecture given by his Harvard colleague. (Luckily, that speech was given on the first floor of the building, so he didn’t have to jump too far.)

He had some great hints for entrepreneurs (that could benefit almost anyone) that included:

  • Never Worry Alone
  • Get the Facts; (even if you are diagnosed with a terminal disease, it is better to know, so you can prepare.)
  • Make a Plan (and if that plan doesn’t work, revise it until it does.)

These are great goals to keep in mind, however, I was really struck when Dr. Hallowell started talking about the dangers of allowing ourselves to live in a world that is ruled by what he calls, “Screen-sucking.” Screen-sucking happens when you allow yourself to become a prisoner to your iPhone or laptop (or any screen) and it can result in a major loss of productivity and even end up sabotaging your relationships in the real world. Dr. Hallowell hosts a weekly podcast called “Distraction” http://www.drhallowell.com/meet-dr-hallowell/podcasts/ where he shares ways of coping with being distracted.

This reminded me of another powerful presentation by Manoush Zomorodi, who hosts the Note to Self podcast on NPR. She presented at the #Gel2016 conference on the topic of how allowing yourself to be bored can be a major benefit to your life.

You can see her presentation here: https://vimeo.com/166899798 She created a video that documents how 1 out of 3 people who passed her were either actively engaging with their phones or just clutching it out of habit. She made me even more aware of how addicted many of us, have become to the constant distractions that our technology provides, whether it’s the DING of a new email coming to your in box or the ubiquitous red notifications updates on your Facebook page. Zomorodi makes a strong case for spending time away from your devises and allowing yourself the luxury of being bored. She mentions some scientific reasons why many people come up with their best ideas while daydreaming or in the shower. Seems like Dr. Hallowell came up with one of his best ideas while being bored at his colleague’s lecture. Escape to someplace else. Better yet, why not disconnect from your screen and connect TO SOMEONE else.

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