Why I do What I Do:

If you are anything like me, you’ve probably spent a lot of time and money trying out a variety of online programs in an effort to grow your sales and increase visibility for your business. While most of the programs I’ve purchased had 1 or 2 great take-aways that did help me, I didn’t find any that also had the option to work directly with the expert who created the program.

There were so many times when I wished I could work one-on-one with the people who created these impressive programs so that they could help me overcome my specific obstacles. (Correction: I didn’t find anyone I could work with one on one for less than, say, $20,000!!) I found a lot of “one size fits all” options that somehow just didn’t work for where I was at in my business. So, I would get stuck and I would STAY STUCK.

Sound familiar?

I Got Myself Unstuck and Can Help You too!

While at a business mastermind retreat in Tuscany, I decided to invest an ENTIRE YEAR of my time and energy creating, developing and testing out two signature programs to help entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who were just like me…and probably a lot like YOU!

I created Uplevel Like the Devil and Pitch + Niche = Rich* Life so that I could offer one-on-one expert consulting as a price point that those who are serious about building their businesses, can still afford.

A Few Career Highlights:

  • Worked for a small ad agency that strongly resembled the TV show MadMen in terms of culture and debauchery. Learned how to pitch against the big boys to win stellar projects.
  • First hire for email marketing leader CheetahMail. Took company from 3 people in a room the size of a broom closet, to a multi-million-dollar business that was acquired by Experian.
  • Closed a 5.5 million dollar deal from a cold call. (Don’t worry, I hate cold calling and won’t ask you to do it!)

Select Speaking Gigs:

  • NYU
  • Columbia Business School
  • Pace University
  • John Jay College
  • The Wharton School of Business
“When I wanted to uplevel my business, I knew I needed to work with someone who could meet me where I was to take me where I wanted to go.  Laura is a genius at authentically promoting you among her stellar inner network and steering you right into the arms of the right clientele  – invaluable!
Janet Wise, MS HRD

Chief Career Strategist / Personal Brand Advisor, Founder: The Branding Room(tm) by Wise Advantages

Simply put, Laura is magic. She is guaranteed return on investment and one of the smartest business decisions I ever made was to choose to work with her. She is a force, a navigator, a trusted advisor and fully committed to the success of everyone she works with. Founder of  Explorateur Journeys, Tru Marketing and 48 Hour Power Jaunt. She also recently acquired: The Mogul Mom
Gabriella Ribeiro

Serial Entrepreneur, Explorateur Journeys, Tru Marketing & 48 Hour Power Jaunt

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