Asian woman sitting on roof, back to camera, and looking on the night city under starry sky.

Asian woman sitting on roof, back to camera, and looking on the night city under starry sky.

4 different pitches that can get you whatever you wish for (and one that won’t.)

1. Write a PROFIT Pitch

Figure out the Number 1 thing you want or need RIGHT NOW. If you need to generate sales or income, you will need to focus on your “profit pitch” to get the cash flowing quickly. Come up with a mini sales strategy to keep you on track to reach your goal, after you’ve created your Profit Pitch.

2. Craft a PASSION Pitch

You’ve amassed some money and don’t have to stress about paying the rent every month. Good for you! Now, you can focus on your “passion pitch.” Have you always wanted to write a book? Do you love hosting fancy dinner parties for your friends that run late into the evening? Are you looking for your soul mate? These interests and desires are fodder for a great passion pitch.

Dump the Kitchen Sink Pitch: (this is the one pitch NOT to use!)

Everyone has been to a networking event at least once in their life where they heard the classic “kitchen sink pitch.” The person pitching tries in vain to include EVERY competency and interest that they have into one statement that is jam-packed with info. That old cliché’ “Jack of All Trades, Master of None” comes to mind. The listener gets confused by all of the information in the kitchen sink pitch and doesn’t understand how to connect with the person giving the Kitchen Sink Pitch.

3. Create a “pitch for every niche.”

My most successful clients have mastered the art of “creating a pitch for every niche.” They create several different pitches that will appeal to specific target niches that they have carefully identified. Imagine that you are a financial advisor who is attending an event for women who work in media. Instead of giving the standard financial advisor pitch of: “I help my clients sleep at night,” Your pitch is all about how you work with women in media who have over 1 million to invest. And you explain why you’ve chosen this market as your niche. The result is that the women you are speaking to feel like you really understand THEIR needs and can help them. You are a great match for what they may be looking for.

4. Invest in the VIP Pitch

When you start pitching to people in the higher echelons, you need to be able to pitch them quickly and effectively. If you bump into Richard Branson in the First class lounge of the Virgin terminal in London, he probably won’t have time to listen to your life story. The most you can hope for is to get 15 seconds of his time and to engage his interest enough that he would like to learn more. If it’s your DREAM to pitch Richard Branson, @RichardBranson (or anyone else) get your VIP pitch ready NOW, because you never know when it will happen.  Create a specific, tailored VIP Pitch for the Top 5 people you’d love to pitch if you ever got the chance. Yes, it takes time and effort, but it will be worth it.

They’ve spent the time and energy to tailor the pitch to the specific group of people who will hear it.

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