I was interested to see the news today that Stone Temple Pilots fired their lead singer Scott Weiland—and even more excited to see that he’s come out in the press saying, he wasn’t.


This led me to think about how Mr. Weiland might create a 15SecondPitch that would highlight his past experiences, without mentioning he was fired, since he says he wasn’t, and also promote his upcoming solo tour. And to do this all in 15 seconds.

Scott Weiland’s pretend 15SecondPitch (that I crafted for him.)

Hi, I’m Scott Weiland founder of Stone Temple Pilots.  STP sold nearly 40 million albums and you’ve probably heard some of our hits including: “Sex Type Thing.”  We’ve actually scored 16 top ten singles over the years.  I kick off my solo tour titled “Purple at the Core” in Flint, Michigan this Friday March 1st.

I like this idea, because when I work with people who have been fired or even laid off, they often feel so embarrassed / humiliated / afraid / angry.

I really love how Scott just turns this whole scenario around and works it to his advantage. Very PLUSH.

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