VIP Client Showcase Featuring Gabriella Ribeiro; 48HourPowerJaunt


Laura Allen: “Question 1: You published a book last year titled: 48HoursIn….Lessons from a Lifetime of Global Jaunts.  Can you tell us a little bit about what inspired you to write your book?”


Gabriella Ribeiro’s book 48 Hours In….. Available on


Gabriella Ribeiro: “I LOVE to travel. It is my greatest passion in life and one of my missions is to inspire people to go far, see the world, learn about other cultures and learn more about themselves through travel which I believe is the world’s greatest teacher.  I have had so many beautiful experiences and the book just seemed like the most natural way to share these stories.”


Laura Allen: “Question 2: How did you come up with the concept for”

Gabriella Ribeiro: “Well, this was funny. I was on a boat in Scotland looking for the Loch Ness Monster with my daughter. It was Day 2 of a very quick trip and I remember sitting on the boat with her and we were laughing about how much we had already accomplished- we toured Edinburgh, went to the Castle, tried on kilts, had a bagpipe lesson, a lovely dinner, had been to Inverness to hike and now we were scoping out Nessie.  I’ve been traveling fast all my life and it occurred to me at that moment that I could absolutely package these journeys and fit amazing things into a 2 day window- if I could do it solo or on my own with a then 8-year-old, ANYONE could do it so there, it was born.”


Laura Allen “Question 3: You and I worked together to promote your book and Did collaborating on these 2 projects benefit you? If so, what were 2 or 3 key take-aways from our collaboration?”

Gabriella Ribeiro: “Absolutely, in fact I can’t imagine working on any sort of project guided by you that wouldn’t have been a stellar success! Your insight into how the promotional timeline should run was a huge asset and your incredible support helped tremendously. You rallied to gain awareness in a way that I couldn’t do for myself through your network and beyond and garnered so much extra support. You kept me calm, focused, on track with deadlines and you helped me really be able to sharpen my message for more effective communication about the book. It was wonderful!”


Laura Allen: “Question 4: I got to go on a 48HourPowerJaunt to Madrid and had the best time ever!! (Here’s a link to the blog post I wrote about it: Where are some of the other places that someone could go on a 48HourPowerJaunt?

Gabriella Ribeiro: “We have 48 itineraries now built! So really the world is your oyster. Some of our more popular ones are London, Paris, Tokyo and Rome but we have them in Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, and the list goes on… and if we don’t have it, we’ll build it!”


Laura Allen “Question 5: You and I got to go on a 48HourPowerJaunt to Monte Carlo for the weekend and it was truly like living in a James Bond film. During this trip we got to eat breakfast in Paris, lunch in Monte Carlo and dinner in Italy!! It was a whirlwind 48 hours!! And we got to hang out in the casino where they filmed casino royal! What would you say to those people who feel like 48 hours in one place just isn’t enough time?

Gabriella Ribeiro and Laura Allen on their 48HourPowerJaunt to Monte Carlo

Casino in Monte Carlo during 48HourPowerJaunt.


Gabriella Ribeiro: “I say for them to just take a second and re-read this recap of what we did! We design the itineraries so that one can accomplish so much in so little time by effectively piecing everything together so nothing is left to chance, or to linger.  We eliminate anything that could potential be aggravating …. For example, we negotiate an early check-in at your hotel so you can arrive, refresh and head out. We have drivers collecting you so you don’t have to worry about transport, we organize your plans and experiences so they all fit together like a puzzle and allow you to delve into the soul of a destination. It is possible!”


Laura Allen in front of casino in Monte Carlo


Gabriella Ribeiro in front of casino in Monte Carlo.


Laura Allen “Question 6: You are a serial entrepreneur who is currently running 4 different businesses. You’ve told us a little bit about Can you tell us a little bit about your 3 other businesses?”

Gabriella Ribeiro: “Yes!  I run a company called Trumarketing which is my longest- running business. I launched it in 2003 and it’s a boutique sales & marketing firm that works exclusively with tourism-related clients such as hotels, luxury trains and tour operators. I also run Explorateur Journeys which is a bespoke travel planning service for authentic, immersive journeys designed for globally curious wanderers.  Completely on the softer side of the spectrum, I run The Mogul Mom, a global dynamic community of amazing women (many of whom are mompreneurs ) running businesses and rocking their very busy lives- there, I help motivate the group to become the best versions of themselves.”


Laura Allen: “Last Question, Number 7!: What is something fun that not everyone knows about you?”

Gabriella Ribeiro: “I’ve only become semi-athletic now, later in life but when I was in high school (and for a bit in college) I was an excellent fencer!”

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